Biogrid Center Kansai (Nonprofit organizetion)


Value Chain for Drug Discovery

We contribute to our society by discovering drug with reducing cost and developing period by using the output of BioGrid project.

BioGrid computing technology enable us to determine protein structure and to execute docking simulation of small molecules for medicine in silico. We are developing software to calculate these simulation and we are able to find out lead compounds for medicine in cooperation with other academia laboratories.

Our target
2005-2006 we are going to modify the known chemical compound to new lead compounds for medicine, in which process we are going to check the reliability of software performance and to measure its inhibition constant by the surface plasmon resonance: SPR method. The X-ray structure analyses of the inhibitor complexes will provide relationship between the structure and the inhibition constant, improving the inhibitor activity by synthesizing new derivatives.
2007-2008 we are going to establish new bio-venture company which achieve these process. Our Drug Discovery process is as below.

BioGrid Center Kansai

Structure based Drug Discovery
BioGrid Center Kansai


BioGrid Center Kansai currently conducts the following activities.

1) Planning and coordinating research & development project
2) Coordinating and assisting collaborated research between academia
and industry

3) Providing cutting-edge IT based test-bed environment developed by
universities and other research institutes

4) Managing and utilizing intellectual property invested through R&D
5) Promoting and fostering business by venture companies
6) Bio-IT human resource development