「The Condor View of Grid Computing」  発表資料

Professor Miron Livny
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin

12月20日(金) 14:30〜16:00

大阪大学サイバーメディアセンター 豊中新棟7F

Livny氏は1984年にイスラエルWeizmann Institute of Scienceで Ph.Dを取得され、現在High throughput computing, Visual Data     Exploration, Performance Evaluationの研究分野に精力的に取り組んでおられ、 現在米国Wisconsin大学で教授として学生の指導だけでなく、世界的に有名な Condorプロジェクトを推進中である。本講演では、CondorプロジェクトのGrid コンピューティング戦略をご講演いただいた。

The term “the Grid” was coined in the mid 1990s to denote a proposed distributed computing infrastructure for advanced science and engineering. Less than five years later, it feels as if “the Grid” is everywhere -- grid related research and development projects are popping-up all over the globe. They come in different sizes and scopes: some are small, others are international; some focus on pure computer science problems, while others are interdisciplinary. We will present our perspective of this recent wave of Grid-driven activities and how it relates to our ongoing work in the area of High Throughput distributed computing. The talk is based on our decade-long experience with the Condor high throughput computing system. We will discuss the challenges clients of Grid resources face in harnessing the power of these resources and outline the design principals and capabilities of our client tools. Our tools are designed to meet the needs of large Master Worker applications and to leverage the capabilities of the Condor-G job manager.

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