Biogrid project has been initiated as Construction of a Supercomputer Network, which is a part of IT-program of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Under the project, Osaka university and other relevent institutions are in the process of developing a Computer Grid Technology to meet IT needs specialized in biology and medical science.


Biogird project consists of the following four major groups:
Core Grid Technology
  Flexible, high-performance and secure grid environment
Computing Grid Technology
  Data analysis and simulation at high speed achieved by parallel processing and heterogeneous distributed processing
Data Grid Technology
  Traverse search achieved by collaboration of various databases
Remote Data Collection System Technology
  Collaboration and remote instrumentation
6th Biogrid Seminar "BioGrid Camp 2006"
[Sep. 30- Oct.1, 2006] at Space Alpha Kobe, Kobe City

Press Release: "Start-up Souyaku Value Chain Project" [Sep. 28, 2006] A new project for drug discovery was launched. Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. *Japanese only

Soyaku Value Chain Project [September, 2006]
The National Institute of Biomedical Innovation funds for the research project. *Japanese only

Biogrid Workshop [May 27, 2006]
at Senri Life Science Center, Osaka.

Press Release: "Biogrid Center Kansai's Souyaku Value Chain Project as a Forerunner"[Mar. 28, 2006]
Nikkan Kogya Shimbun. *Japanese only

Press Release [Nov.4,2005]
Souyaku Value Chain was established to work as a bridge for scientists and industries for drug discovery.*Japanese only  

5th Biogrid Seminar "BioGrid Camp 2005"
[Sep. 23-24, 2005] at Space Alpha Kobe, Kobe City

PRAGMA in Osaka Osaka University Convention Center, Osaka [Oct.15-18,2006]

The 10th PRAGMA Workshop :
Townsville, Autstralia [Mar.26-29, 2006]
The 9th PRAGMA Workshop :
Hyderabad, India [Oct.19-24, 2005]
igrid2005 : San Diego, CA USA [Sep.15- Oct.1, 2005]
Grid Today (Gt4) :
Philadelphia PA USA[Jan.20 - 23, 2004]
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