6grid project
Our Secure Grid Filesystem has been developed based on two core building-block technologies. One is SFS (Self-certifying File System), the other is GSI (Grid Security Infrastructure). Please refer to Biogrid Project about GSI-SFS.
Until now, GSI-SFS was not a product supporting next-generation IPv6 network. IPv4 network has a serious problem of depletion of address. On IPv4 network, It has only 2^32 addresses. On the other hand, it is possible to assign 2^128 addresses on IPv6 network.
Thus we developed GSI-SFS for IPv6.

Figure 1: The structure of GSI-SFS

We implemented a prototype by creating GSI server (GSI-SFS Key Server) and client (GSI-SFS Key Client) which are independent from SFS. The whole system including GSI, SFS and GSI-SFS Key Server/Client is named GSI-SFS. Please refer to Biogrid Project about GSI-SFS.

Figure 2 : The structure of GSI-SFS for IPv6
GSI-SFS performs various communications among a number of modules. However, communication via network is performed only in two pares of modules. They are a server/client pare of GSI authentication modules and a pare of SFS data transfer modules. The GSI authentication modules have been originally designed for IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, therefore we modified the SFS data transfer modules to make the whole system IPv6 aware.

Figure 3 : sfssd screenshot

Figure 4 : sfscd screenshot

Figure 5 : user action screenshot

  First, please prepare IPv6 environment. Please refer to kame project or Usagi Project .
  Please download SFS . And you expand the sfs archive downloaded. SFS version is 0.9.7. Please download this patch , and you apply the downloaded patch.
  Please download this patch , and you apply the downloaded patch.


Downloading the software is limited to registered people only.
If you want to download them, please register first.
You will receive a password for downloading within a couple of days.